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令人眼睛為之一亮的「WAW FUE System」

更新於 2017-05-22 13:03

另一個重點就是新的FUE鑽髮儀器─「WAW   FUE   System」


Dr. Jean Devroye交換彼此經驗


朱冠州院長、謝宗廷醫師與Dr.  Jean Devroye在KSHRS韓國植髮醫學會年會的示範手術合照

      相較以前常用的FUE儀器(Cole FUE, Lead M FUE…),這些電動式FUE鑽頭大多是以尖針為主。而 WAW FUE system 則是鈍針鑽頭,雖然說鈍針鑽頭也不是什麼新的發明(以前由Harris發明的SAFE system就是鈍針鑽頭),BUT… Dr. Jean Devroye除了使用鈍針鑽頭以外,喇吧頭的設計而非同一粗細管徑以及針對亞洲人頭皮相對硬而研發的蓮花喇吧鑽頭(serrated trumpet punch) 無疑對以往尖針為主的FUE鑽髮的一些缺點做了突破性的改良。Serrated punch可以輕易突破亞洲人較硬的頭皮、Dull punch可以保留較多包圍在毛乳突周圍的組織、Trumpet punch可以大大減低手工FUE所為人詬病的高截斷率。這是serrated trumpet dull punch !!!

      朱冠州院長有幸在今年的亞洲植髮醫學會與儀器的發明醫師Dr. Jean Devroye請教了關於這台新儀器的一些使用特點以及交換彼此的經驗。希望在不久的將來也能夠以這台儀器造福台灣病患。


   “Excellent graft quality requires technical expertise, familiarity with punch design, and a thorough knowledge of punch and soft tissue dynamics. With FUE, physicians find that no single punch or method works equally well for all patients, and that versatility is key to ensuring consistently high graft quality from patient to patient. The surgeon should learn both manual and mechanical methods of graft removal because the transection rate is too high when only mechanical devices are used for all patients. The author’s success with FUE is a result of variations in punches and incision depth. It is logical that variation in the use of mechanical and manual extraction techniques will also have an effect on individual patient transection rates. By using these strategies it is often possible to achieve transection rates of less than 3%.”


 WAW FUE system影片介紹 (影片轉載自Dr Jean Devroye TV):


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